Frequently Asked Questions about Arsenal FC membership for those supporters who wish to attend games at the Emirates

Q.  How many types of memberships are there?
A.  There are two different types of membership for Season Ticket Holders- Platinum  and Gold (Season Ticket Holders).  In order to become a season ticket holder you need to become a Purple Member.  Also there are four further memberships – Purple Canon (17 – 18 years ), Purple Young Guns (12 – 16 years), Purple Junior Gunner (4 – 11 years) and Purple Welcome to our World (0 – 3 years).

Q.  What is Purple Membership?
A. If you are not already a member you will need to first join as a Purple member which will entitle you to apply for tickets on a match by match basis. You can join at any time throughout the year.  Further information can be found on the Arsenal FC website – Purple Membership FAQs

Q. What are the benefits of joining as a Purple Member?
A. The benefits are similar to a Red member except that a Purple member can bring a Personal Assistant along for free to games and that you can book tickets up to 2 months in advance.

Q. How do I join as a Purple Member?
A.  Contact the Disability Liaison Team

Q. Is there a Season Ticket Waiting List for Platinum and Gold membership?
A. You will need to contact the Disability Liaison Team and ask to be put on the waiting list. There is no cost for this and you will be contacted once a season ticket becomes available. The waiting list is currently approximately 5 – 6 years.

Q. What is Platinum membership?
A. A Platinum member sits on Club Level and they are the most expensive seats. Included in your ticket is a free programme and a drink at half time. Membership entitles you to attend all games that are included within your membership.

Q. What is Gold Membership?
A. A Gold member can be seated either on the Lower or Upper tier. The Lower tier season tickets are cheaper than the Upper tier and they vary in price depending where you sit around the stadium. Gold membership includes all Premier League games and two further games for the 2021/22 season. Any further games that a Gold member wishes to attend will be required to pay for the tickets.

Q. How do I become a Platinum or Gold member?
A. You will be required to join as a Purple member and request you go onto the Season Ticket Waiting List. Currently you must stay a Purple member to stay on the Season Ticket Waiting List.  There is no charge to be on the list.  Contact the Disability Liaison Team

Q.  Can I bring a Personal Assistant with me to a game?
A.  A Personal Assistants ticket is free but you will need to advise the Disability Liaison Team that you require a Personal Assistant when attending matches.

Q. How much is it to become a Season Ticket Holder?
A.  Contact the Disability Liaison Team for the costs.