Update – 17th January 2022

The working group was asked to give feedback but there was very little response from our members which was disappointing as it is likely to affect many supporters.  At the last meeting on Safe Standing that was held  on 17th January the following was discussed:

A few questions were raised by more than one group about the cost to fans if they were required to move to a higher value seat.  Questions were also raised around whether migration would be an issue (people looking to move into the safe standing area during the game, and vice versa), how segregation would work in practice, and whether this was an issue for many fans.  There were also discussions around timing, and whether ambulant supporters would be allowed to stand in safe standing areas.  It was agreed that  of the questions were valid and the Club will need to work through the impact of these as we move forward.

Awareness about safe standing has risen significantly following the commencement of the government pilot, and there was lots of positive feedback on the atmosphere at Anfield for the Carabao Cup game.

Detailed analysis of the two possible options
The Club presented the pros and cons of the two options.

  • Corner & behind goal areas, North Bank and Clock End.  This option creates official standing areas which currently have persistent standing (including visitors, adjacent to visitors and Red Action area).  However, it would involve seat loss, and would impact the family enclosure.  It would also require work to segregate standing areas from seating areas in the concourse
  • Entire lower tier.  This would have reduced seat loss and require no segregation of the lower tier (outside the existing segregation of the visitors area).  The impact would be higher for any fans in the lower tier not wishing to stand, and would also impact ambulant disabled seats, family enclosure and the press box.  It would also be significantly the more expensive option to implement

Communication and surveys
The meeting  agreed that the Club would aim to issue a Fan Survey in March with regard to safe standing.  There would be three surveys issued:

  • Lower tier season ticket holders
  • Upper tier season ticket holders
  • General Addmission members who have bought tickets in the last three years

At the meeting, the Working Group will be wording of the survey, so it can be issued shortly after the meeting by email.  The Working Group will aim to hold the meeting in the middle of February, and the Club will plan to issue a draft of the survey to the Working Group in advance of the meeting

Feedback from pilots
The Pilots were discussed and feedback had been received so far from Tottenham, Man United & Liverpool.  The Club will keep monitoring the situation moving forward.