In September 2017 the club opened a Sensory Room Facility for supporters with Autism, ADHD and other sensory needs who would otherwise not be able to come to matches at Emirates Stadium because they are unable to cope with the crowds or the noise in and around the stadium

The facility includes a viewing area where supporters can watch games in a safe and secure environment away from the noise and crowds in the main bowl of the stadium.  Also it contains a range of sensory tools and games  which will give supporters with profound special needs to opportunity to enjoy matches with their families and carers at the Emirates Stadium.

The Sensory Room is open for every game at Emirates Stadium. Tickets are free of charge.  Up to 6 supporters can attend along with either their parents or a parent and a sibling.  The facility can also be used on non- matchdays by schools or disability groups.

For further information on the Sensory Room contact either Luke Howard Community Dept Disability Officer – or Alun Francis Disability Access Officer –

The above information has been obtained from the Arsenal Football Club Emirates Stadium Access Statement – 2019-2020