The Arsenal Museum is located in the building opposite turnstile Block E. on the North Bank Bridge.

The Museum entrance has level access where you can use a lift or stairs to get down to the Museum.  A wheelchair accessible toilet is available at the Museum entrance. 

ADSA members are able to get a discount for both the museum and the tour.  However,  members will need to contact the Disability Liaison Team – at least three weeks in advance so that arrangements can be made for the discount.  This is especially important for those that have loss of hearing as it allows time for the Disability Liaison Team to arrange for a British Sign Language interpreter. 

A photo taken from the Arsenal FC website which shows the museum with a sign saying Our Heritage - Greatest Moments underneath.


Any enquires should be directed to the Disability Liaison Team – 020 7619 5050 (9.30am – 5pm Monday to Friday excluding Bank Holidays) or email 

The map and photograph are from the Arsenal website –