If you are unable to attend a game and are a Gold member you are able to use Ticket Exchange, Ticket Transfer or Donate your ticket.  ADSA does not deal with any ticket enquires and these must be directed to the Disability Liaison Team – see the contact details below:

Arsenal FC – Disability Liaison Team
Tel:   0207 619 5050 or complete the Equiry Form

Ticket Exchange
Currently we understand that Platinum and Gold Disabled Season Ticket Holders are unable to use this online service but ADSA has asked Arsenal to make this possible as soon as they can.

Ticket Exchange is only made available for certain fixtures once all the tickets are sold.  If your ticket is sold, you receive the cost of your ticket less approximately 10%.  To find out more information about this click on the link below:

Ticket Exchange – Frequently Asked Questions

If you wish to use Ticket Exchange in order that either a Purple or Purple Junior Gunner has an opportunity to attend a game then contact the Disability Team – details above.  However, you will not gain a home credit on your My Arsenal Rewards card.

Ticket Transfer
Similar to Ticket Exchange this currently is not available online and is only available for Platinum and Gold members.  Once it goes online we understand there will be a £1 fee to use this service.  Also you can use this service at any time and that the stadium tickets do not have to be sold out.  You can transfer your ticket to a Purple member or a family / friend who has a disability.  To use this service you will need to contact the Disability Liaison Team using the online Enquiry Form with the name of the Purple or Purple Gunner member and their membership number or the name of the family member / friend and proof of their disability.  You can find out by clicking on the link below what proof of disability you are required to send.  The advantage of using this is that you will gain a home credit on your My Arsenal Rewards card towards attending Cup Final games.

Purple Membership – FAQs

Donate your Ticket
Should you wish to donate your ticket, please get in contact with the Disability Liaison Team who will be able to arrange for a disabled supporter to attend the game in your place.